Sunday, August 31, 2008

In The Eye Of The Storm

I saw this new background and blogger template and really liked it. The storm coming down the plains onto this farm take me back to my deepest memories, growing up in a farming community in west central Texas. I loved the storms. We would watch them coming for miles. I loved their power, the beauty of the clouds, the lightening, and the rain.

Today we are preparing for a different storm. Gustav will apparently make its way right over us. We've been through this before. During Katrina, our church and home served as a shelter. During Rita, we sheltered people and were then victims of the storm itself. Officials are doing their best to keep evacuees away from us this time around because we will likely have damage and will lose power.

Life is full of storms. The drama of them is intriguing when viewed from a distance. That's why we love good movies, and TV, and books that are full of storms and their resolution. It's not that fun living through one personally, but it often happens. Viewing the storm from a distance does nothing real to our hearts. Passing through the storm with God is an incredble, life-changing experience. I'm not looking forward to this storm, but it is coming anyway. I am looking forward to what God will do while we are in the eye of this storm.


SelahV said...

Praying for you, Cyle. And the people in your parrish. selahV

Cyle Clayton said...

Thank you. It looks like we're going to be spared from the worst of it. We are truly grateful.

SelahV said...

So happy to hear that and to see. Hoping the same is true of Ocean Springs, MS. selahV