Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Better, But Not O.K.

Monday, I was not o.k. Tuesday, I was better. My best friend, who I have been married to for nearly twenty-five years, called me from the doctor's office in another town and told me she had a tumor that needed to come out quickly. Did I say that I was not o.k. on Monday? I was with a good friend when I got the news, and he stopped immediately and prayed. I called another good friend to pray. He reminded me about the sovereignty of God. Then I called another, and he just wept with me, telling me how much he loved us and then he prayed. At this point, I was better, but not o.k. So, I found my prayer closet, got on my face before God, cried out and prayed. After spending time with Him, I was better.

Word spread. People began to pray for my wife, my family. As she spent the afternoon doing paperwork and lab work, I prepared for the days we would spend in the hospital. We told our kids, I led my Monday men's group, and all of us prayed. That night I was defnitely better, but not o.k.

She was to go into surgery at 11:00 am yesterday, but it didn't start until 2:00 pm. I was better, but not o.k. But, I was again surrounded by members of the body. The surgery was miraculously short, and the doctor came to give me the report. The day before he had said, "It could be cancer." After the surgery, the first thing he said was, "It was benign." No doubt about it, I was better. I rounded the corner to my cadre of friends in the waiting room, told them the news, and asked our director of missions to pray. I would have fallen apart in the waiting room if I had tried, because even though I was better I was definitely not o.k.

This morning, Wednesday, my wife is better and so am I. Yet, she is not o.k. Thank God she will not now have to endure the trial of cancer, but she will have to recover from this surgery. We both know that no matter what had happened in the last two days, God would have more than sustained us. And, we know that there is more ahead. So, we are better, but not yet o.k. We will only be o.k. when we have finished this race. Until then, by the grace of God, we will continue to be better. And, we will walk with others who are just like us. In Christ, they continue to grow, but they still groan from the difficulties and trials of this world until one day when we are all o.k.


Tammie said...

O my heavens! I'm praying, Denise! I love you!