Monday, September 29, 2008

Don't Think, Pray!

Last Monday my friend (my associate pastor) and I were just pulling into his driveway when my cell phone rang. We were returning from a 150 mile round trip to Shreveport to visit a church member in the hospital who had just had surgery. The phone call was from my wife. She had been to the doctor to check on some pressure she was having in her lower abdomen. She told me the doctor had found a tumor, felt it could be cancerous, and that she would spend the rest of the day doing blood work and tests before the surgery he had scheduled her for the very next morning. The blood drained from my face, and we exchanged a few more words as the shock of this information sunk in. I hung up, told my friend what she had said, and these were his very next words, "Let me pray for you, man." He then prayed.

As word spread, other people began to pray. Several, as I spoke to them, never said a word about prayer. I heard many times, "We'll be thinking about you." I realize it's something that we just say to express our concern, but it is also something we just do. It is natural to think about people who are hurting. It is natural to be concerned about people who are your friends, but it is not unnatural. Living the unnatural life requires making intentional decisions to live unnaturally. Not to split hairs but if I ever get cancer, or have a heart attack, or my child is in a life-threatening accident, please do something unnatural. Don't just think about us. Pray for us! It is good to know that people are thinking about you. It is better to know that they are praying for you.


SelahV said...

Cyle, I've been out of touch in the blogworld. Haven't been leaving my little postsite. I am praying. selahV