Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Forgotten

It is so easy to forget. Hurricane Rita was a forgotten storm. There was still so much focus on Katrina, that it received very little press. But, for those of us who went through it, we remember. Those who lost everything still remember.

Gustav is the same. Once the levees were safe in New Orleans, national attention shifted to Sarah Pailin and the Republican Convention. Yet as much as a third of the population of Louisiana was without power. Hundreds of thousands are still misplaced, and the torrential rains and storms continued until yesterday. Yet, already, we here are trying to get back to normal.

We forget. The world is a continuous distraction to the Christian life. We focus on the crises. When they pass, we want to go back to business as usual. We forget that since we became believers business is not, nor will it ever be usual. To the world, our spiritual lives are unnatural. They do not fit here, nor will they ever fit. The world resists our unnatural lives. That's why we need to come to Him and His Word every day, early in the day, not after a day of distraction. That's why we need regular contact with His body, and weekly worship together with a local church. This world is a continual distraction to the life God wants us to live.

We will forget. It's not dementia. It's the world, and living in a body effected by sin. We need reminding.

By the way, don't forget the hundreds of thousands who are still in the middle of Gustav. You can find out how to help them at .