Monday, September 1, 2008

In The Eye Of God's Will

There is no wind in the eye of a hurricane. It is still, majestic, and frightening. The sky clears, the wind abates, and the storm swirls all around.

"I just hate my life," the man said. He didn't like his job, though he was making a very good living for his family. He didn't like the community. It just didn't fit his style. He didn't have any friends. His wife was unhappy. He wanted to get out, to move away, to find another opportunity. He was convinced that his dissatisfaction with life was God's indicator to him that he needed to apply for a job in another state and move there. He then said something that sounded spiritually dangerous, "I know I can serve God better there than I can here." He moved to avoid the storm, and found he had moved out of the eye and into the storm itself.

Judging the will of God by what is going on around us is dangerous. Often pastors are the most guilty as they look for the golden opportunity to come along. How many times have I spoken with a friend in the ministry who looked for a greener pasture and found it full of fire ants and weeds. Sometimes God moves us. Sometimes He gets us out of the storm. Sometimes He keeps us right in the middle of it all.


SelahV said...

Oh Cyle, how wise you are, my brother. One time. One time in our 23 years of ministry, we moved from the eye and oh how awful the storm was for 2 years, till God put us back in the eye. selahV