Monday, September 15, 2008

Living With The Lights Off

"Humbly, quietly, with scarcely a movement, she brings up out of the dark places of my soul the dissatisfactions in relationships, the frustrations of the ministry, the fears of failure, the emptiness of wasted time. And just when my heart begins to retreat to the delicious hope of eating supper with friends at Pizza Hut, she quietly reminds me: not tonight." (John Piper on the Handmaiden of Fasting)

We seem hardwired to cover up our true selves. Our souls are a void, and we will attempt to fill them with anything and everything. Even once we know Christ, we fear facing ourselves. We would rather live with the lights off, stumbling through life: hoping not to run into anything. Fasting, as with any other trial, turns the lights on. It gives us the opportunity to see who we really are so that we can really change.


Garrett Starr said...

I think it is interesting that we sometimes describe fasting as a trial when by definition a trial is something over which we have no control. We would never call other spiritual disciplines, such as prayer and tithing, trials, but fasting strikes at the core of our physical being and painfully brings out such inner weakness that it indeed feels like a trial.

Cyle Clayton said...

I suppose that all spiritual disciplines are trials to our flesh, not to our new man. I like the balance in Piper's teaching - that food is both to be celebrated as a good gift from God and also abstained from through fasting. To say that eating should not be enjoyed is to deny the goodness of God. Never to fast is to waste one of the most powerful tools I know to help us get to the root of who we truly are.

Tammie said...

You guyz are making me hungry!