Monday, September 22, 2008

The Wind In Your Sails

A sailing ship without wind is not a sailing ship. It is simply a raft, floating on the see. A life without wind in the sails is the same. And yet it is different.

Many winds move us - great sweeping stories, new hobbies, and time with loved ones are winds in our sails. Great and challenging tasks can fill our sails, as can new opportunities. Parents'
sails are often filled with the accomplishments of their children, pastors' the status or success of their church. All these winds move us, but they cannot sustain us.

God is gracious, and he will not allow us to be deceived by any wind other than the the wind of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes the failure of a child will remind us to trust his wind. Sometimes a phone call from a loved one saying, "The doctor says I have a mass. He says we need to do surgery in the morning." will reveal the true nature of the wind in our sails.

There is one wind that blows throughout eternity, one wind that will carry us through to the other shore. God loves us too much to fail us, and too much to allow us to be blown by any wind that will fail to see us through.


Garrett Starr said...

And you know that we are praying for you and Denise and the children, my brother.