Friday, October 10, 2008

Back In The Big Country

We rolled out of Many on Tuesday morning, feeling like we had been running for weeks (which we had). It's been a really busy and amazing few weeks; finishing up the fellowship hall, planning for the dedication and ordination, and then trying to pack for a month away on Sabbbatical. Rolling into Big Country Baptist Camp that evening was like deja vu all over again. I went to the camp as a boy and my mother went as a girl. I took my first youth group to camp at BCBC and now, 26 years later, I'm staying in the Sheperd's Cabin for a week of my sabbatical. I've had to make two trips to Abilene (60 mile round trip) to get work done on the van and now to come in for Hardin-Simmons Home Coming. We've never come to a home coming, and we wouldn't really want our kids coming here because the university has become so liberal, but we have good memories here and we'll get to see good friends this weekend. I wish I could load up some pictures, but something is wrong with my blog host site. If you have Facebook, you should be able to see some of them on my facebook or on Chellie's. Tonight we go to the All School Sing, fraternity and sorority reunions in the morning, and then we take the kids to see HSU play ETBU tomorrow afternoon.

The best day of sabbatical so far was yesterday. I did nothing but read the Bible, rest, and read a great book by Eugene Peterson about a pastor's personal life. It may sound like I'm too busy, but I'm only doing what I have to do, and then I'm just sitting, thinking, reading, and resting.