Monday, October 6, 2008

Finishing Well

For over twelve years, we have needed to remodel our kitchen and fellowship hall. They were run down 12 years ago when God clarified His vision for us to use them to reach families and their children. 12 years of filling those buildings with children, students, and their families had just worn them out. Finally, after several plans, and doing most of the work ourselves, we finished it. It looks incredible. But, driving the last nail was not what finished the job. Yesterday finished the job, and finished it well.

Yesterday was a huge day at Calvary, the church I serve. Yesterday, we ended six months of training for five men who were called to serve our church as deacons. Yesterday we heard their testimonies in worship, and had one of the most awesome ordination services I've ever attended. In the middle of all of that, we dedicated the kitchen and fellowship hall anew to God's glory. That wasn't all. Over the past several months, four families filled with servants have moved to other towns. They all came back yesterday. We had not had time to really say goodbye, but yesterday we did. That still wasn't all. I am about to take a short sabbatical. This church loves me and has wanted me to have this time away for several years, and finally I'm taking it. Yesterday, they sent me off well.

Finishing well is so much more important than starting well, and yesterday we finished well. We finished that remodeling job with worship. We finished the training of those five men with the laying on of hands. We finished this chapter in our relationship with those four families by blessing them as they followed God's leadership. At the end of it all, the leaders of our church laid hands on me and my family. It was one of those days that people will remember for a long time. It was a day of finishing well, so that we can now go and live well. It was a day filled with His glory, and a day for His glory.


SelahV said...

Cyle, praise the Lord. I'm so very very happy for you. So glad to share in this joy of yours. I pray you have a wonderful, restful, restoring sabatical. selahV