Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Some Great Reminders

I wish I had come back to HSU years ago. The university is much more left of center than I am, but I'm not going to HSU today. I started 28 years ago. Seeing Jorge Angulo was like a major blast from the past. He was a real hoot and still is. The memories of working together at the mill shop are good. Mike Hammack and Vance are still just like I remember them. It was so good to reminisce. Talking with the current APO members, hearing them talk about how to kick start the club was great, and remembering all the nutty stuff we did was great. The campus is beautiful and some incredible things happened to me. I met Doctor Smith and Doctor Rankin. Both of these men went to bat for me when my parents separated during my first semester at HSU. They cared and intervened in my life when they could have just counted me out. I met my precious wife at HSU and made friends there that were so important in my life.

I'm still not wilde about APO being coed. Maybe it's for the best. Maybe not. I cannot, however, adjust to girls in Cowboy band. I just can't go there, even though it was great to hear them play again.

We met mom at First Methodist in Stamford. She and we have good friends who go there and it was our hope that they'd be there. They weren't, but the worship service was great. Pastor Erwin was full of life, the worship was wonderful, the church filled with people who seemed to love each other, and the message was encouraging.

I met Paul Wright there who is a communit youth director. I played football against his uncle in high school. Also met one of my good friend's brother who is not the head football coach in Stamford. We spent the afternoon with my sister and her kids, along with Mom & Jim. It was good to see them again. I felt sorry for Christi's kids, because the camp didn't have much for them to do.

Today we did school, and Denise and the kids went to help out the camp as it served lunch to 400 senior adults. Low and behold, Tommy Culwell was there with seniors from his church. Tommy & Laquita were at FBC in Seymour when we were at Calvary. Tommy took me in, brand new pastor that I was, and helped me make it through those first few years in the ministry. He and Laquita are doing well in Snyder. He has weathered the storm of following a pastor who had retired after 30 years. His hair was grayer and a little thinner, but he was still the same old Tommy.

Chellie is studying for the PSAT, Rees is bored, and Denise is rolling with the flow. Tonight we end up at the Starrs. Chellie will take the PSAT tomorrow at Cooper High School. We'll be spending the next few days getting ready for the trip to New Mexico.

I really love this all. God has been so good, and I am so glad we are here.


Tammie said...

Welcome home!

Let me know if you guys get bored! Or if you are going to travel a few miles down the road in our neck of the woods.

We have a place to stay! Literally~another quiet to yourself sort of sabbatical place. www.aplacetostayingoree.blogspot.com