Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fly Fishing

I truly enjoy fly fishing. Sometimes the fish come from out of nowhere. I make a cast that is into the riffle, watch the fly float downstream, thinking that it is nowhere near a fish, see the flash and then enjoy the fight. Other times I can see the fish, and I work through dozens of casts to try to get the fish to bite. I worked a fish like that yesterday. He was larger than most, hanging near the bottom. I called my eleven year old son down and worked with him for 15 minutes to try to get the midge to float down in just the right spot to attract the big fish. It didn't work. The fish didn't bite. So, I set him up to cast for a few others we saw just above us. I was sitting down watching the big fish hold in his spot. It was a catch and release area, and I guessed that the fish had been snagged before and simply wasn't going to bite. I made a few more casts and all of a sudden he hit. Fishing for trout is so much like life, like Christianity, like evangelism. We cast our efforts out into the world; into marriages, parenthood, friendships, businesses. We have no idea if they will catch anything, and then they connect. Sometimes, though, we can see the opportunities, and can't get them to hit; especially when it comes to reaching people for Christ. We see people who need to know God through His Son. We see their lives, see them in the stream, and we cast and work and tell and love, and sometimes they never bite. Sometimes we must move on, and sometimes we just need to make one more cast.