Friday, November 28, 2008

White Chili

Today we will have white chili; a savory blend of leftover turkey, white beans, and southwest spices. We look forward to white chili as much as we look forward to turkey and dressing. We are just as thankful for white chili as for turkey and dressing. We "say grace" over each meal, knowing that it is by grace that we have both. We could, should, "say grace" over everything in life.

The root of thanksgiving is the recognition of the grace of God. From the animals that God slew to cover the shame of Adam and Eve's nakedness, to the birth of Seth after Cain was banished for slaying Abel, to the grace of the ark Noah built, to the scattering of the people from their wicked plans at Babel, to the continuation of David's throne in spite of his adultery and murder, to the cross of Calvary, to the lives who were spared and celebrated that first great feast in Plymouth, God has made clear his grace in the face of our depravity. Thanksgiving flows freely from the heart that recognizes that we truly do not deserve what we receive and do not receive what we deserve.