Monday, December 1, 2008

All Problems Are People Problems

I recently read a book by John Ortberg entitled, "Everbody's Normal Till You Get To Know Them." The first three chapters should be read by every impatient person in the world and by every religious person in the world. We who are religious often forget that the only reasons we exist are the grace and mercy of God. And, we forget that fact most often when dealing with others who are in need of mercy and grace. Statements like, "Every one of us pretends to be healthier and kinder than we really are; we all engage in what might be called 'depravity management,' " , and "We are all like porcupines. Every one of us carries our own little arsenal. . . Yet we, too, want to get close." pepper the book and make it worth the read. Also worth the read is this quote by Tom Marshall that I copied off of my griend Garrett's blog, , The Life Interior).

"Man still retains within himself the need to love a perfect object that will never disappoint him and to be himself loved totally and unconditionally. These needs can be met only in a relationship with God Himself. Otherwise, we go on demanding unattainable absolutes from human beings."