Monday, December 8, 2008

Post-Apocalyptic Attire

23 American cities nuked in a terrorist attack. The nation is in chaos, the government is in tatters, and surival is the order of the day. The people of Jericho, a small town in Kansas, struggle to understand what happened and fight to live in post-apocalyptic America. That was the TV series Jericho until it was cancelled. We were very disappointed. The show was relatively clean and redeeming, and the cliffhanger at the end of each episode made us long for the next episode. I only had one issue with the show. The characters were just too clean. Post-apocalyptic shows are supposed to be filled with filthy road warriors that look like Mel Gibson; not Jericho. I'm sure that if the show had not been cancelled, a secret underground washeteria would have been discovered. I could not help but think about our own ability to deceive ourselves about the effects of sin. Every time one of us leaves a spouse, convinced that it is for the better, that our children will suffer less in the long run, we mythologize divorce and romanticize sin. Each time a church member shops for another church, thinking that he or she can do that without hurting their brothers and sisters in their previous church, they live a delusion. Each two to three year step a pastor takes up the clerical career ladder is fueled by a vision of greener pastures, and with the false belief that the people in his previous churches will not be effected negatively. It seems that we have an uncanny ability to hear Satan; "you will not die." We romanticize the effects of our sin, convincing ourselves that we can remain clean while wading through the wallow. We cannot. Sin, like war, is a dirty business.