Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Every Innovation Will Need Renovation

The Parthenon was once one of the most innovative, imaginative, and grand structures in the world. It is now in need of a complete overhaul. Eleven years ago, our church spent weeks in prayer, met, worked, and developed ministry priorities. God began to do a new thing here. It was wonderful. Shortly after that we installed some carpet in a hallway at our church. As I walked down that hallway the other day, I realized that it really needed to be replaced. It had served its purpose, but it was now worn and stained.
I'm not equating what we have done for the past many years as worn and stained, but I do believe that every innovation will eventually need renovation. For the past two and one-half months, our church has prayed, and met, and worked to hear what God is directing us to do now, today, not what we were to do eleven years ago.
Much of what we did 20 years ago, we are still doing. There are priorities for the church that never change, and will not until Christ's return. Many of the things God directed us to do 11 years ago are still His will for us today, and still there are other things that need renovation. I am thankful, in this process, that there is a grand architect who has a plan. And, I am thankful that His laborers hear His voice and they follow Him. I am thankful that, while I have responsibility as a pastor, I am not the sole proprietor of this church. Christ is, and it is a true joy watching Him direct us as we seek Him.