Friday, January 23, 2009

We Walk By Faith

It is 60 feet from the light switch at the stairs that lead down to our fellowship hall to the back door through which I often leave. If I am a good steward of our resources, I turn off the light before entering the hall, making my way through the dark to the door. Sometimes I cheat. I reach out and keep my hand on the wall away from the two columns that are in the middle of the large room and away from the chairs and tables that seem to wander into my path in the dark. Sometimes, though, I do not cheat. Sometimes I look directly at the back door before I turn off the light. Then I flip the switch and walk directly toward the door in the pitch dark, keeping my hands out in front of me waiting to touch the door. I have never stumbled walking this way; always making it without hitting the columns, or falling over the chairs. I have, however, tripped while walking along the wall, not noticing the chair or trashcan that was in the way before the light was out; trusting my feelings rather than my faith. One way is the walk of faith. The other is by sight. Even though it is pitch dark, it is based on my ability to feel my way through the room like I have often attempted to feel my way through life. Faith is better, and it is also quite a rush in the dark.


Garrett Starr said...

Very nice. And we're all about the rush.