Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Evaluating God's Performance - Part 1

I watched the news this morning and was overwhelmed with frustration, but not that the new administration are opposed to what I believe. I was frustrated by what I perceive to be a rampant lack of integrity and a rampant epidemic of incompetence. "Pass this bill immediately or we will die," then head off for a weekend celebration or a trip to Italy? A new age of ethical reform, except for political appointees. A new era of change, except for those now in control. So many promises made have already been broken, and not even broken well. Some lie with style. Some deceive with flair, but not those leading our nation today. Lesser liars and deceivers have taken charge. I am overwhelmed with the feeling that there is no one in charge who has the character to competently lead us. I had hoped for so much more.

Then there are the masses, like the mob in Rome, who are frothing at the bit for another handout. It's like the movie Gladiator when Commodus fed the masses free bread and the spectacle of the coliseum, and they loved it, ignoring their poverty. Americans, deceived, en masse, elated with a scrap of bread and a morsel of moldy cheese. Anestheticized by the promise of handouts from their government, while others pay the price.

This effects me. My friends and parishioners are anxious, struggling as logging crews shut down, mills run at lowered capacity, hours are cut, and there seems to be no end in sight. That no end in sight thing is the catch.

A spouse at the end of his rope begs me to do something to change his mate. A deacon, struggling with the overwhelming need of a friend, shares that increasing helplessness and frustration. A friend who has gone above and beyond wonders if it will ever produce fruit, if there is ever an end. Yet, the underlying issue is not the government, or the unbelieving masses, or the economy. The fulcrum upon which my sanity and joy rests is my estimation of whether God is performing as He should? The underlying issue is what I think of God.

(Part 2 tomorrow.)