Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Toast & The Sovereignty Of God

In light of the current condition of our country politically, economically, and culturally, I'd like to voice my opinion. We are toast.
In light of God, His Word, and His involvement in all of human history, I'd like to state something beyond opinion. God is sovereign, even if we are toast.
One more thing. Jesus will return and straighten everything out. Until then, we have an increasing opportunity to trust and obey Him. The important thing is that we don't end up spending eternity looking like toast.


Doing Better Than I Deserve said...

We are only toast in the general sense. I have great faith in God's ability to keep the heat off me (if He, in His sovereignty, chooses to) or to apply said heat in such a way as will be to my eventual benefit (if that is His choice).

So, the country may by toast, but I, personally, consider myself to be warmed garlic bread.