Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Amazing God

As I tried to guide the 7x tippet (2 pound test line) through the tiny eye on the trout fly I was amazed at God. A size 24 hook has a 1/16th inch gap. I don't know how small that makes the eye on that hook, but it's really tiny. I need 3x magnifying glasses to get it done. I was about to cast this tiny fly into rushing water, foaming white and transluscent green when the thought hit me, "How in the world can a trout see this thing?" And the answer came, "Because God is awesome." He created the tiny bugs the trout eats, and made the trout to perfectly match his environment (rushing, frigid water), to be able to see his food. And, He made man with the insane ability to manufacture a graphite rod that weighs only a few ounces, a specialized line that carries the tiny fly on the end of a flourocarbon tippet down into the water. He created man with the ability to imagine how to create all of this and to tie the fly that would so match the natural food of the finicky trout that the fish would attack it as food. I am not amazed at the trout, or stream, or the man, but at the God who created them all.