Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Apprenticed To Christ - Part 1

I built cabinets for several years to help put myself through college. I knew nothing about cabinet building when I started, but learned by apprenticing under a master craftsman. He ran a mill shop that made virtually all the furniture for the university I attended. When someone needed something, he would design the furniture to meet the need and then I would build it. As I grew in skill, and awareness of our ability to build furniture grew, we hired others who apprenticed under me. I was never a master craftsman, but I learned enough in his company to basically run the mill shop in his absence. And, in every case, the furniture we built was built to meet the needs of the university. While our expertise helped design and create it, it was only created to meet an existing need; not because we wanted to be creative. And, while I did build furniture for myself, the greatest joy I had was in building a piece of furniture or cabinetry that perfectly met the need of the university. When I went back for my college homecoming last year, I took my family to see some of the things we had built twenty-five years ago. Even though none of those students have a clue who built those cabinets, I do, and I have the joy of seeing them accomplishing their purposes over two decades later.