Saturday, May 9, 2009

Brothers, Brothers, Everywhere

Local brothers . . .. Last Friday, our men's ministry had a fish fry, primarily just to get the men together out in the country, enjoy some good food, and build stronger relationships.

Distant brothers . . . I arrived at the farm, drove down by the pond and started getting my fishing gear in order. I looked across the pasture and saw a golf cart headed for me, thinking it was some of the guys from our church. But, I couldn't recognize the men in it until it was about 20 yards away. I was shocked. It was four brothers from Abilene. They had driven 450 miles to be with our men again, after a great trip together to Oklahoma this Spring.

Servant brothers . . . We spent the weekend together, and then we worked together Sunday morning. A small tornado tore through our community as we were in a men's breakfast. Power went out. Church was cancelled and we went across the road to remove two huge oak trees from two homes. New brothers came with saws and served.

Faithful brothers . . . Monday night we gathered for men's group on the back porch. We shared, studied and prayed.

Trusting brothers . . . A good friend here who I knew had been struggling, shared what was going on in his family. He had wanted to talk to me about it, and God presented the time. We prayed together.

Fallen brothers . . . A brother fell. I hope and believe that there are many around him who will pick him up, if he will take their outstretched hand.