Thursday, June 25, 2009

One Step Closer

God has granted me a rare gift for a full-time pastor. It is rare that I get to have an ongoing conversation with someone who is an atheist. But, I have been having a conversation with a man who does not believe in God. He is under no illusion about where I am headed, and I am completely honest with him about my desire for him to believe. He is not new to this. I am not the first Christian to attempt to convince him to believe. At first, he was an atheist. "There is no God," he said confidently. Well, several conversations later, I found out what I suspected. He does believe there is a God, but he is not ready to believe in the one true God. My hope and prayer is that he will. And, until that day, I am thankful for this step. If you pray, pray for me that I will be wise and faithful, and that I will love this man as God loves Him. If you pray, pray for him, that all he will believe in Jesus Christ, the one who died for him.


Makarios said...

Good luck buddy.