Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Denial And Forgiveness

I am part of a group of men who are building a band of brothers, true brothers in Christ. We are using the tool of Men's Fraternity right now to help us and are at the point of dealing with our memories of and relationships with our fathers.

I become so cautious here, partly because I spent years blaming my father for my failure, partly because many times men's groups become father-bashers, partly because our society so devalues true fatherhood, and partly because I am a father and know that if my children's futures are dependent upon my ability to father, they are doomed.

Yet, "The glory of sons is their fathers, (Pr. 17:6)" and we must deal with this most important person in our masculine lives. To fail to do so with adequate humility and respect would end, not in health, but in soul sickness. To fail to do so at all would most likely end in failure to become the men God desires us to be. Too often we deny our past and call it honor, or worse, we deny a sin against us and call that forgiveness. It is not. We must face not only our own sin but those sins committed against us and bring them all to the cross.