Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Opinions Are Like . . .

I have often thought about the centerpiece of Michelangelo's ceiling in the Sistene Chapel, this picture of God reaching out to man. Notice that man is shown essentially lounging with his arm propped on his knee and that his finger is only partially reaching out to God. I don't know what Michelangelo's theology was regarding this, but the picture paints an accurate picture of man. Before God quickened our spirits, we wanted salvation, but we wanted God only half-heartedly.

I hear the same half-hearted desire for God today. It sounds like this, "Well, I think..." Opinions are like necks. Everyone has one, and like our necks turn our heads so our opinions turn our hearts. It is understandable that an unbeliever has an opinion that he follows. He, after all, is an unspiritual person, and the unspiritual man does not have the ability to understand God.

It is frightening, though, how often professing Christians value their opinions over that of God. How often do we hear (in our small groups, Sunday Schools, and other conversations with Christians)... how often do we hear, "Well, I think..." or "Well, my opinion is..." And, how often do we hear, "Well, the Word of God says..."?

We conservative Christians have blasted politicians, entertainers, the media, and higher education for its overwhelming moral relativity. Yet, is it not exactly the same when our Bible studies are filled with more personal opinion than they are with a whole-hearted search for God's opinion? We are spiritually lazy, unwilling to dig and do the hard work of Biblical study, much like Michelangelo's depiction of the lazy Adam, while God has moved the scope of human history to give us His inspired Word.

John the Baptist knew that he must decrease in order for Christ to increase. May his confession become ours and may our opinions decrease so that Christ may increase in us.