Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Any One Is Better Than No One

Most of the people I know are currently praying that God would be clear with them about One unsaved or unchurched person they can pray for, befriend, and tell about Jesus Christ . . . one person to love with the love of Christ in the coming year.

One asked, "Can it be someone who is already in church but just needs to be loved?" The short answer is, "no." Love them, yes, but they are not unsaved or unchurched. Why the "no" answer? Because Jesus came to seek and to save the lost. The shepherd left the 99 safe sheep to actively seek out the 1 lost sheep. That doesn't exclude loving the saved, it just means making loving an unchurched or unsaved person the same priority that Jesus did.

One asked, "What if my One lives in another state?" Pray for and love them, but "no." Why? Practically, you can't be the kind of friend to that person that you can to someone near you because you can't spend the time with that friend that is needed. You can still love them, pray for them, and share Christ with them when you get the chance, but someone near you needs to see and hear Jesus through you.

So, what if you still can't figure out who your One is? This may not sound terribly spiritual, but in the end, "Any ONE Is Better Than No ONE."

The unsaved and unchurched kid who carries out your groceries is of no more or less value to God than your unsaved cousin who lives in West Texas. If you just can't figure out who your One is, just pick One and love them with the love of Christ. Surely it can't be wrong.