Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Like It Or Not

Last week I met a Russian Orthodox priest in Arkansas, named Father George. I know, it's amazing who you can meet on a fishing trip. I asked him to explain the difference between Roman Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity. I knew some of the history, but it was interesting to get it from an Orthodox priest. There are many differences, and he told me that the two are not in communion with one another. I did explore his beliefs about their veneration of Mary and also asked about all the icons. I won't go into it here, but I did learn one interesting thing about this iconic icon of Jesus that is from a monastery on Mt. Sinai. On our left is Jesus' loving face. On our right is the face of Jesus when one day He will judge. Do you see the difference. Interesting, isn't it.

So much for interesting stories. Like it or not, people do not believe or disbelieve in Jesus because of icons, but some of them believe or disbelieve because of us. I know, each man is accountable to God, and no one will be able to stand before Him and use the excuse, "Well, that Christian was such a jerk that I didn't believe in You, God."

The fact remains that Jesus said when we loved one another people would believe that we are His disciples. He said that we are now salt and light in the world, but we can unsalt the salt and hide the light.

How we act, every moment of every day, reflects the Lord to a world that does not know Him.