Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Tigger Trigger

No one has more fun than Tigger. He bounces in and through virtually every scene in Milne's Pooh stories, but he never stays long. His purpose in life is simple, "Bouncing is what tiggers do best."

All of us are on pilgrimages in this world. We have a beginning and an end, and there is a journey in between. Some of us, though, try to take every fork in every road. Yogi Berra's saying, "When you come to a fork in the road, take it," is our philosophy. Our culture has even glorified this lifestyle. To be spiritual is in vogue. I knew a guy in college who was Baptist, atheist, Jewish, wiccan, Catholic and now I've heard he's into Buddhism. And, he thinks that is good.

Some are not that confused. They have settled on Christ, but their Christian walk looks like Tigger. They bounce in and out of every church and Christian experience. One has been a member of over 10 churches in the last 10 years, always following the "spirit." I wonder which spirit pulls their Tigger Trigger.

Some of us who have settled on one church still have a quick Tigger Trigger. We're hot for God then cold. We commit to a ministry, but have never seen one through to the end. We sign up for a Bible study, but have never finished the last page. What's really scarey is when we attribute our Tiggerness to God. It sounds like this, "Well, I know I committed to do this, but now work is busy or God is leading me to do something else."

God said, "Let your yes be yes." He said that we are to be single-minded, not being blown around by every wind of doctrine. Tigger looks fun, but serial marriage (one right after another) is not fun and does not glorify God. Tigger appears joyful, but never finishing what you start leaves you with a pile of unfinished business and broken relationships.

Get rid of your Tigger Trigger. Make your goal finishing, not starting. Make your aim faithfulness, not experiencing another spiritual experience. That glorifies God.