Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why Should They Believe Me, Or You For That Matter?

Something must be going on. A few days ago a Baptist church in our area put a door hanger on our door at the house telling us that we were "surrounded by prayer." I think it also invited us to services on Easter Sunday morning.

Yesterday a van full of Jehovah's Witnesses (I'll call them JW's for short) unloaded in front of our house. While they unloaded, I was unloading a load of organic humus for the garden. (That's cow manure for those of you who like things less politically correct.) Thankfully the JW's didn't bug me while I was unloading my humus. They made the rounds to the almost-all-empty homes, hanging their own tracts on front doors. The tract was an invitation to come next Tuesday to a special service explaining the true Jesus.

The question came to mind, "Which one should I choose?" Both groups were apparently devoted to the point of walking the neighborhood and hanging stuff on my door. The Baptists said they were praying for me. The JW's didn't. That's a plus, I guess, but which one should I believe?

Then the more important question, "Why should anyone believe me?"

The Bible says that people don't believe me because of my skillful elocution, which is a fancy-shmancy way of saying that how good I talk in public is not what convinces people. The answer is in the resurrection, and the only part I play in this is whether I am living life in it's power. For the gospel I preach says that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is the power that now courses through my spiritual veins.

Am I surrendered to that power, filled with it, manifesting it, obeying it, and loving with it . . . is there anything people can see in me that would persuade my neighbors to attend our worship services, or listen to my witness, or should they stop in next Tuesday and check out the JW's?

And, are you wiling to ask this question, "For that matter, should they believe me?"