Friday, April 30, 2010

He Who Desires

"The saying is trustworthy, 'if anyone aspired to the office of overseer, he desires a noble task." (1 Tim. 3:1) I know that God calls what I've been called to a noble task, and that anyone who wants to do this job desires a good thing, but I really wonder if anyone who ever "feels" called to be an elder or pastor in a local church really has any idea what's involved. I say this with a grin on my face, a grin of hilarity that any man could think himself equal to the task. On any given day, I am equally likely to have conversations with the following people; a woman who just caught her husband with his adulterous mistress, a parent who was just told her 10 year old has cancer, parents whose son just told them he is homosexual, a sixty year old grandfather calling from jail, a children's volunteer wondering about releases for camp, a father who doesn't know how to stop beating his children, a child molester wanting a personal reference, a woman wanting electric bill paid, a wife whose young husband was just killed, a frightened young mother calling to ask how to handle a crisis with her children. I don't know who's crazier; me for signing up for the job or the people who call me actually believing I have an answer. Oh, I forgot the other people I am just as likely to talk to; the woman who thanked me for saving her marriage, the man who thanked me for being there when he was suicidal, the children who come up after service and give me crayon colored notes expressing their love, the woman who told me that a 2 minute spot we did on the radio changed her life, the invitations to be present when babies are born and when saints bodies are laid in the grave. Who am I to think, either that I am equal to the task, or that I am worthy of the praise? I am just the one called and crazy enough to take the job. But, after doing this for the last 16 years, I will agree with all the old preachers I have heard who said, "If you can do anything else, do it, because God has not likely called you to this if you can. But, if you can do it, do it with humility, realizing you are not, nor will you ever be worthy of the privelege of this ministry."