Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More, Please!

If you're an average American who professes to be a Christian, you spend more time brushing your teeth each day than you do in serious prayer.

If you're an average American who professes to be a Christian, you have more conversations with your doctor about your health than you do with lost people about the gospel that could save them.

If you are a highly unusual American Christian, you are a highly evangelistic Christian, sharing not only your personal beliefs, but the gospel with people on a regular, monthly, weekly and even daily basis. And, according to surveys of over 2,000 highly evangelistic Christians, the number one characteristic they had in common was that they prayed more than an hour a day. That's 12 times what the Average professing Christian prays. Christians who realize that only God can convict and convert become totally dependent upon Him in prayer.

I'm on a crusade to get myself and all the people I know to that place with that practice.

So, No Matter Where You Are Today, Will You Pray More?

If you usually just mouth a quick prayer in the a.m. or at meals, mouth two. If you hit a quick 5 minutes at night before your family goes to bed, try for 6 or even 10 minutes. If you are already way above average, praying a whopping 15 minutes a day, why not work toward 30. And, if you find that you don't have enough to pray for, please email me. I have a list that can keep you busy for awhile.

(the picture is from Oliver Twist, when Oliver asked for more gruel)