Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A 40 Day Fast From Technology

I was thinking about a technology fast. I wonder if I could make it with no cell phone, no computer, no television, no satellite radio? I wonder what my church would say if I gave up everything except the Bible and essential transportation for 40 days? I wonder what my family would do if they couldn't have instant access to me?

Most of our lives are dominated by technology and most of us have a shallow, at best, spirituality. Forgive me if that sounds judgmental. It's not. It's just empirical. People who profess Christ act less like Christ, know less of His Word, give less of their goods, energy and finances, than they did in the pre-tech-revolution. We are not better Christians because of these things.

So, I wonder. I could take a 40 day sabbatical without leaving my home or my church. Just unplug. Do you dare try it?


selahV said...

how would that work when my daughter needs me to watch the grandchildren and must call me at a moments notice?

I might be able to live without the television and internet, but the grandkids would be watching it and hard it is to even conceive such a fast!

so many people to get to agree with me. selahV