Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Still Stupid

Lest you think that "stupid" is a dirty word, let me give you the formal definition for it and its use in this article. stupid, adj.; lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind; dull

When I was a kid, I hyper-extended my right thumb catching baseball. The ball hit the edge of by glove and it blew the thumb out of joint. It popped back in in nicely, and my coach, a man of great compassion said, "Get back in there and catch, Clayton. You ain't hurt." So, I did, and a few pitches later, being a little jumpy after the first injury, I pulled back from a pitch, the ball hit the edge of my glove again, and my thumb was really messed up. This time, I told the coach I wasn't catching any more. I'm stupid, but I'm not that stupid.

Through the years, I re-injured both thumbs. I played football during high school with one of them taped flat to the rest of my hand; made it a little tough to tackle with that hand. I've exploded my left thumb with a hammer. And, I stuck a nail in it, too, with a nail gun. One really fun thumb injury was when I was building cabinets and one of the screws wouldn't go in. So, I really bore down on the screw, and the drill slipped off and I pushed a Philips screw driver bit through my left thumb. At that point, I decided that no matter how often God healed my thumbs, I was going to be alot more careful with them.

A couple of weeks ago I helped my son build a chicken coup, and a very fine coup it is. He was using a drill to screw a couple of boards together and I was holding them, but I quickly moved my hands out of the way. I then told him why. I had learned my lesson, so I guess I'm not that stupid after all. I told my son not to do the same. A couple of days later, when he had put some finishing touches on the coup, he said, "Hey, you know how you told me about the screwdriver and your thumb. Well, I didn't listen. I did it to myself."

Sometimes we think that, just because God forgives and heals, and just because He's done it a thousand times before . . . we think we can just do something stupid again and it's o.k. with Him. It's not. Often, it's just stupid.