Friday, June 18, 2010

The Joy Of Knowing

The teen was excited to tell her pastor about the encounter. Two Mormons had begun to witness to her, questioning her faith. She used the truths she had learned and began to question theirs. In the end, they admitted they had no answer. She was not excited that she had somehow shut them down or bested them. She was excited to share the truth about the real Jesus. She was excited because she wasn't just a Christians, she knew why and she could give an answer for her faith.

Another younger teen called his pastor about another encounter. This time Jehovah's Witnesses had come to his home when his parents were at work. While I cautioned him against opening the door to people when his parents were away, I was excited to hear that he had given an answer for his faith from Scripture. He was excited that not only did he know Jesus, but he could present him to people who did not know him. He then said, "I need to learn more about what they believe so that I can show them what Scripture really says. Cause they aren't going to heaven."

A man told his pastor about an encounter he had with a person who had questions about the goodness of God. This man not only gave testimony about how faithful God had been to him, but also knew the Scriptures that supported his faith and his testimony. He was excited to give an answer. I have watched this man for years. Almost every time he has a spare moment, he is adding to his faith the knowledge of the Scripture.

It is my privilege to be the pastor of those teenagers and that man. It is a joy to see them excited because they have an answer. They know that there is no bliss in ignorance, but there is great joy in knowing God and God's answers.