Monday, June 28, 2010

Some Thoughts About Men & Women

Al Mohler recently wrote an article entitled, "The End Of Men?", that you can see by clicking on the title of that article. It raised some interesting thoughts and questions for me.

The maturing of my children, especially my first born who is a daughter and who is a spiritual leader, makes my theology of men and women in life and in church much more personal. The massive changes in society, not just here in this country but around the world, mean that what we once held as "given" truths are no longer accepted as such. That is the way much of our lives is today.

We were once able to "coast" spiritually, Biblically, and theologically because our society was much more homogenous and essentially in agreement with basic Biblical norms. No one can possibly believe it is still. We are no longer insulated by being in the south, or attending an "evangelical" church.

We must believe what God teaches and we must know why we believe it and we must communicate that to our children, our churches, and our communities. If not, we will be led wherever the world is headed, and, according to the Bible, this world system is headed straight to Hell. So, beginning tomorrow, I'll begin writing some simple observations about what the Bible says about men and women.