Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bonitas Non Est Pessimis Esse Meliorem

I wish I could shout, BONITAS NON EST PESSIMIS ESSE MELIOREM!!! into the the heart of every person I ever hear say, "We are all just trying to get to the same place." Try, try all you want, but only the grace of God, granted through the blood of Christ, will remove our lack of true goodness (our sin). And, only faith in that Christ will save us.

I wish someone would shout it into my own ears the moment I think I am excelling at Christ-likeness above the rest. The same Christ who saved me is the only one who can make me what He wants me to be, and I walk by faith in Him as surely as I was saved by faith in Him.

Someone should daily shout, BONITAS NON EST PESSIMIS ESSE MELIOREM!!! in the halls of Congress and on the lawn of the White House and in the Supreme Court, because the only truly blessed nation is the one whose God is the Lord and his only begotten Son's name is Jesus the Christ.

Bonitas non est pessimis esse meliorem is Latin meaning, "It Is Not Goodness To Be Better Than The Worst."