Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just How Far Can You Go?

Just who can we, who follow Christ, ally ourselves with? This question has been brought to the forefront because of the nature of one Fox News personality, Glenn Beck. This Mormon held a rally at the Lincoln Memorial last Saturday that sounded more like a call to Christian revival than a political statement. His values sound conservative and they sound Christian, at least to the American Christian ear. Yet, most of the values he preaches are also conservative Muslim values, at least to the American Muslim. I like Beck. I like some of the things he has said on his TV show. I like a call to return to conservative Christian values in our country, but I have questions. If you are an orthodox Christian, you should to.

If you want to think through this, from an orthodox Christian perspective, I ask you to do three things. First, read my previous blog. Second, read this article by Dr. Russell Moore. He is the dean of the school of theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. Third, don't drink the kool-aid. What I mean is, don't just accept everything at face value. Don't buy in just because it sounds good. Think your life through with Bible in hand and Jesus in heart.