Monday, August 16, 2010

Some Reasons I Don't Believe In Luck

Three months ago I decided that I would preach a series of sermons about the family between VBS and the start of school.

Two weeks ago I was preaching about the powerful influence of the submission of a Christian wife to an unbelieving husband. A young Christian mom happened to be there. Her husband is resistant to the gospel. She followed me out of church, gently touched my arm and said, "Thank you so much. I really needed to hear that. It has helped me so much."

A week and a half ago, our satellite went out. They sent another receiver. It was messed up, too. They scheduled a technician for last Monday. I rescheduled because I thought I had an appointment for that afternoon. I felt stupid when I realized I had looked at the wrong date. They could have come. Oh well.

Yesterday I taught about God's plan for singles, including the struggles of being married and serving the Lord. I had prayed for God to bring singles to church. There were alot. A mother, whose children were about to go to college, stopped me after and said, "You could not have picked a better Sunday. I'm so glad my kids heard that right before we take them to college."

Today the satellite troubleshooter showed up. He was a young believer. He believes that unless a conversation begins and ends with God, it's not worthwhile. His wife and his pastor don't understand his passion. As he talked, we talked about taking care of our wives. We prayed for wisdom for him as he serves his wife. We talked about some ways he could use his home and his life as it is to minister, without planning events that take him away from home so much.

These are some reasons I don't believe in luck.