Friday, August 27, 2010

What Dreams May Come

I was at a multi-day conference with several people I know. We made a side trip to a beautiful river. At first, we were the only ones there.

Then two women, fisher-women came to the stream and geared up. Before they began to fish, another older man came down from the parking lot and moved below the riffles which were just below the pool we were standing beside. He stepped into the water, waded out, and on his first cast caught a beautiful trout. Just a moment later, one of the women, had a monster on.

I talked with both of them, found out what they were using, and decided I would skip the last day of the conference and fish instead. Another one of the men who was with me had never fly fished. We went back to our hotel suite, got him geared up and made plans to stop by the local fly shop on the way to the river.

Just at the moment I found my sunglasses in my equipment bag, my alarm went off. My first thought, this morning, as I woke up in own my bed and not on that river was, "This just ain't right."