Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Does Your Life Look Anything Like This?

I just finished reading Acts chapter 2. There is no command in the Bible for us, those who follow Christ today, to do what they did?  We are to pray, but there is no command to gather in an upper room for 10 days and pray until the Holy Spirit descends upon us. (There is a command to pray without ceasing.)  Acts 2 describes the moment of the birth of what we are - the church. There is no command, but there is a description that bears little witness to most of the churches that I have ever been a part of, or have been to, or even know about.

This scene begins and ends with a group of people committed to obey God until He comes through. It begins and ends with a people committed to one another. It begins and ends with a church that does alot more praying than it does anything else. In the middle, Acts 1:8 is fulfilled.  They are filled with power that does not result in the fulfillment of their own petty prayers, but results in their rushing into the street to preach the gospel. Peter, once coward, now puts his life at risk to preach the gospel to a known hostile crowd. Thousands believe in Jesus, though no one says the sinners prayer. The church grows from 120 to over 3,000 in one day. They worship daily, pray daily, hear preaching daily, and take care of every need that arises in the church family.  And, in the end, it doesn't stop. It continues.

Acts 2 does not prescribe. It merely describes. Yet, it describes a scene utterly unfamiliar to the experience of most of us who follow Christ.  And, in the middle is a prophecy that spans the church age from inception to culmination . . . the prophecy of Joel.

There has never been another time when it happened exactly like that, but there has also never been a time when we did not need the power of God more than now. And, may I remind you, it all began and ended with a group of people praying together.  At first, they were just lost followers praying together. In the end, they were the church of the risen Savior praying together.

That is worth praying for.