Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It Was Such A Small Chip

Over a year ago, a small rock struck my windshield. The chip was so small that I really didn't think it was necessary to have it filled. That was my first mistake.

Three days later, after baking in the hot sun, a three inch crack had appeared. However, it stopped. Things stabilized, and since the crack was on the passenger side of the windshield down low, I thought I could hang on for a few months. That was my second mistake.

The crack grew slowly, but still didn't move much. I thought I was safe. A few weeks ago it was time for my car to be inspected. The crack hadn't moved into line of sight so I passed. I felt like I could go another year with the crack. That was my third mistake.

Last week while fishing on the river in Oklahoma, the temperature dropped dramatically. It was about 21 degrees the night the crack travelled more than half-way across my windshield. Still, I thought, "Well, I just had my inspection done. As long as the crack stays low and doesn't interfere with my vision, I'm ok."  That was my fourth mistake.

Today I noticed the crack has turned up.  It won't be long before what was a small chip requires the replacement of an entire windshield.

Sin is often nothing more than a small chip in the windshield of our lives, but it will not just go away. It will continue to spread, sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly, until our vision is obscured.

Deal with your stuff, before it deals with you.