Saturday, January 29, 2011

It wasn't pretty, but . . .

My son and I were on the river and he was hooking BIG fish - hooking, not catching. He was also getting frustrated because he was hooking but not catching. I was worried that he would quit, just sit down on the bank and quit. I worked hard with him, retied knots, talked him through every hookup with every fish, but it just wasn't working. Finally, though, he got into a fish and I just shut up (much to his relief) and let him fight it on his own.

(Understand something. We are fly fisherman, and we were catching 2 - 4 lb. trout in a fast running stream on 2.4 lb line. This is not like 15 or 20 pound test line for a 5 lb. bass. )

Just when it looked as if this monster would not get off, his line gave way. I thought he was going to just melt into the water from disappointment. Miraculously, though, the strike indicator (a small float about the diameter of a dime, was still attached to the line that was attached to the fish. So, we grabbed our nets and dove into the stream chasing the strike indicator (and fish) for about 20 minutes. Finally I thought, "We look like idiots chasing this fish. If I could snag that strike indicator with my line, my son could take my pole and land the fish." I did, and he did.  The picture above is that fish. It wasn't pretty, but he caught that fish.

Too many of us who take the Great Commission seriously want a pretty catch. We don't share the gospel unless it FEELS right. We don't share until we think we are perfectly prepared. We don't share until we think it's the PERFECT TIME. We are looking for pretty. God is looking for obedient.  We want an outline. God is just waiting for someone to cast out the lines.

It doesn't matter if it's pretty. It just matters that you keep casting the gospel into the waters.  Keep fishing, and keep your lines tight.