Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Golf, God, Church, etc.

I had to stop playing golf years ago because of a rare condition. I loved the game as a teen, even beat a future PGA pro at a junior tournament. Sadly, my game was inconsistent at best. I might play a round in the low 70's one week, and work to drop under 90 the next.  I tried in college, but because of my condition my game deteriorated. Through the years I would try again, usually when someone else bugged me into playing.  Yet, my condition continued to affect my game.

It's not a physical or mental condition. It's spiritual. I lose my Christianity when I play golf. Maybe it's because I used to be good, and now I am very, very bad. Maybe it's because I have to buy golf balls by the dozen just to finish 18 holes.  Maybe it's because I kept losing my clubs - finding them wrapped around trees . . . watching them fly through the air into water hazards. Whatever the cause, my entire language changed when I played golf.  So, to any of you golfers who want me to play with you, don't ask.

What's crazy is that I still have a set of clubs. I saw them in the shed the other day and said, "Wow, there are my golf clubs."  I haven't played in years, and have no intention of ever playing again, but they were still MY clubs.

It's kind of like when so many people say, "hey, there's MY church," and they haven't been in years, much less actually participated in the ministry of that church.  Or, like when someone says, "he's MY God," when they haven't had a decent conversation with Him since the last job they lost, or the last time someone got really sick.

I guess they have a condition, too.