Monday, November 28, 2011

I Caught 81 Fish Tonight

About two months ago I mentioned that I was planning a fishing trip. Well, tonight I took it. I had a great time. In just a few hours I caught 81 fish. Actually, I caught the same 9 fish 9 times. And, I never had to leave the comfort of my study in my house. I went fishing in my aquarium. The fish are a little worn out, but I had a great time. It took little effort, and required only a small amount of time.

Revival services were good tonight, and it was so good to see people from other churches there. So, don't take what I'm about to say in the wrong way. We want God to use this meeting for His glory, and that includes touching other churches, but . . . having lots of church people in church and considering that a victory is alot like fishing in your own aquarium.

So, pray like crazy today for lost people to be in our meetings. Then, invite lost and unchurched people like crazy.  Not all of the people you invite will come, but virtually none of the people you don't invite will come.

Ask every person you see tomorrow to come to the meeting tomorrow night. Sure it's risky. It's like taking a fishing trip down a treacherous river, but it's exciting and the payoff is eternal.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I Need To Vent

I need to vent. I know that I'm supposed to be writing devotionals that will help my readers prepare for revival, but I am getting fed up. Let me tell you why. A little over two weeks ago, we started praying for revival and thing started happening. This is nothing new. Any time a person or a church begin to press into God, to pray in earnest for God to be God in their midst, things start happening.  Satan gets busy, but God also begins to work. His Holy Spirit works through His Word and begins to boil off the impurities in our hearts. Our flesh rarely dies quietly.

Stuff has been happening, and I am getting fed up with God. Actually I am getting fed up with His Word, with His Presence, with His incredible love, spirit, and sovereign faithfulness. Kind of caught you off guard, huh?  You thought I was about to spew.

Well, I want to spew. I want to spew praise. Here are a few of the "why's." On a day when I felt utterly unworthy, when I was so into my self, God used me to lead a lost man to the cross and now I have a new brother.  Then I witnessed God working courage and love as some sisters in Christ navigated the difficult waters of correcting another.  I saw a flesh explosion tamed by His Spirit. I saw Him sustain a family through the death of a child.  And, there are at least another dozen ways I have recognized His hand in and around my life in the last two weeks..  And, I know that all I see is paltry compared to all He is and all He is doing.

So, let me spew . . . My God is Long-Suffering and Merciful,  My God is Mighty To Save even the rankest of sinners, My God is Faithful in love even as He corrects, My God is the Lifter and Sustainers of our hearts, My God is God and There Is No Other, and I want to continue to be fed up with Him, His Word, and His Spirit.

Tonight is not over, and if tomorrow comes, I will walk out into the same world. The lost and dying are plentiful, the flesh is pervasive, despair and unbelief are on every corner, Satan is active, and I am the chief of sinners . . . but God is God and There Is No Other and I know Him because His Son has revealed Him to me in an act of incredible grace and mercy . . . and tomorrow He will reveal His glory again. May I see it and rejoice.