Wednesday, January 25, 2012

No Other Name

This Jesus is the stone despised by you builders, who has become the cornerstone. There is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to people by which we must be saved.  (Acts 4:12)

The last two days I attended the Louisiana Baptist Convention's annual Evangelism Conference. It was a Baptist meeting held on the campus of a Baptist college, filled with Baptists. And, in spite of this being the bicentennial year of Baptist work in our state, Baptist was not the name lifted high. There was much talk about what God is doing among Baptists in our state. There was much promotion of the Baptist Convention's vision of spiritual awakening in the state this year. Yet, Baptist was not the thread that ran through every presentation. The thread was scarlet, not Baptist. The name was Jesus.

What name do you value above all others? Are you a nonconformist, nondenominational, Pentecostal, Baptist, Catholic, Republican, Democrat, Calvinist, Arminian, Reformed, Christian, or just spiritual?

There's nothing wrong with a name. There is everything wrong in thinking that any other name other than the name will save.  Today I am thankful that being a Baptist in Louisiana means lifting up the name of the one and only name that matters . . . Jesus.