Monday, January 9, 2012

Praying When My Pond Is Full, But The Lake Is Low

It's been dry, really dry. It's been so dry back out in my home country of West Texas that all the fish have got ticks. It's even been dry here in Louisiana, so dry some Baptists have been sprinkling and some Methodists have gone to spittin'. So, we've been praying for rain, and God has answered.

My pond was almost dry, but it's been full for two months. It's raining now. Why I haven't heard a request for rain since Thanksgiving.  Course, the lake is still low.  Toledo Bend, 20 miles from here, is one of the largest man-made lakes in the country. While it's been coming up a little, it's still dangerously low. But, what do I care. I don't live on the lake. I don't fish from a boat on the lake. I don't get my water from the lake.

My family is fed. My bills are paid. My marriage is stable. My children are saved. My friends were at church yesterday. And, my pond is full. Why do I need to pray? That's the way we are, isn't it. As long as our pond is full and our bills are paid, the heat is off and so is the urgency to pray.

Right now, thousands of Louisiana Baptists are praying for spiritual awakening in our state. Tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands are praying for awakening across our nation.  And, right now, many, many more are not praying. What about you?  Are you satisfied when God is not?