Friday, January 18, 2013

A Call To Repent

Amos 5:1-27

Amos was a poor farmer sent by God with a message for the elite of his day. His nation was at peace, self-sufficient, and prosperous - but at a cost. Spiritually, the cost was a sense of self-sufficiency from God. A full bank account is often a greater hindrance to true faith than a belly full of beer. Self-sufficiency always gives birth to sin. The rich oppressed the poor, robbing them of justice, oppressing them from a position of assumed privilege. God did not tell them to get rid of their wealth. He told them to get rid of self-sufficiency, seeking Him so they could live, and in the seeking they were to seek justice and goodness for all people. Do we think God is more impressed with our personal quiet times than He is with the way we treat others? In these days prosperous Christians must not let the government's attempt to redistribute wealth keep them from seeking justice and goodness for the poor. Perhaps the most incredible thing in Amos is that, as passionate as God is about the poor, He still offers the prosperous the opportunity to repent of their self-sufficiency, and once again become an active part of His plan.