Tuesday, January 22, 2013

God's Provision

Exodus 16:1-35

"I'm starving," is a phrase spoken by children in every age. The immature are so controlled by physical desires. Whether its our children, the children of Israel, or ourselves,  we starve foro attention, pleasure, and prestige. "I'm starving," sounds like a complaint against parents, but it isn't. While Israel directed their complaints against Moses and Aaron, they were too immature to realize their complaint was really against God.  Since He is sovereign and the faithful father of His children, to complain about circumstances is to complain about the God in charge of our circumstances. We correct our children. They are not starving. They are just hungry. Yet we still put food down on the table in front of them. God did the same with Israel.  More importantly, many of us don't trust that Jesus is a sufficient provision for our salvation. We spend our lives trying to work for our salvation rather than working out our salvation by trusting in Christ alone for our redemption. Those who work for salvation usually end up sounding like Israel, "I'm starving," when all they need has been provided in Jesus.