Wednesday, January 23, 2013

When The Snake Looked Like Jesus

Numbers 21:4-9

It seems strange that God would tell His people to create a bronze snake, mount it on a poll, and look toward this image for healing and life, but He did. The people had complained that God was not providing for their needs, and the consequence was an invasion of poisonous snakes that bit the people so that many of them died. When they repented, Moses prayed and God told them to make an image of their curse, hang it on the pole, so that whoever chose to look upon the image of their curse would be saved. Then Jesus said that His crucifixion was like the snake, that He must be lifted up (becoming the curse for us), so that whoever would look on Him in faith would be saved. It's a strange story. It's an even stranger reality that the Son of God would take on the sins that we committed against Him, bearing the penalty for our disobedient to Him, and offering us redemption from our rebellion against Him . . . all by His own will and hand.