Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Finally Home

Jeremiah 22:1-8

We long for home, but the home we live in today will be occupied by another tomorrow. The "old homeplace" will eventually deteriorate. Sin and the fallenness of our world make a permanent home on this earth improbable if not impossible. Families divide like God's people divided. Leaders fail like the kings of Israel and Judah. Churches fall into disuse as did the temple of God. Friends and family are led away into the captivity of sin.  Most of us even want to die in our homes, but we have never really been home. But, "The days are coming' - this is the LORD's declaration - when I will raise up a righteous Branch of David." (Jer. 23:5)  He, Jesus, will be the faithful father, the righteous leader. He is the one who gathers all the children of God, from all their failings, sins, and captivities - all the places their sin has taken them and "They will dwell once more in their own land." (Jer. 23:8) That longing for home can only be fulfilled by One - Jesus, the righteous Branch of David.