Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Cure For Dissatisfaction: What Do You Bring?

The front door of my house faced the front doors of our church. Growing up I wasn't wild about that. It made it easy for Mom to make sure we were at church. I really didn't like that on Sunday night, because the Wonderful World Of Disney came on TV at the same time as Training Union. But, not all Sunday nights were that bad. During the summer on most Sunday nights, we had a fellowship after church. The menu was simple. It was either watermelon or homemade ice cream. On those Sunday nights, I was a happy kid. It was great to live across the street from the church, because I could eat watermelon and play with friends. I was a child. I thought as a child. Church, like the rest of my life, was about what made me happy. I didn't bring anything. I went to get. Life was about what others did for me. It wasn't a conscious thought. I was a child. I thought like a child. 

Sadly, it's also the way adults think who are still not mature. The adults in Corinth thought this way. They came to church to do their thing, to fill their own hearts. They all had spiritual gifts, but they were using what God had given to fill their own hearts. Paul instructed them, "Brothers, don't be childish in your thinking, but be infants in evil and adult in your thinking." (1Cor.14:20)  As a result, there was little satisfaction in their lives, and there was much confusion, chaos, immaturity, and immorality.

There is a much better way. Grow up. Mature. Focus on what you bring rather than what you get. Mature Chrsitians don't come to the table at home at church or in this world to see what they can get. They come to see what they can bring. They come to use whatever God has given them to build others up.  The solution to all the dissatisfaction and confusion in Corinth is the same today.  "How is it then, brothers? Whenever you come together, each one has a psalm a teaching, a revelation, another language or an interpretation. All things must be done for edification." (1Cor.14:20)

Want to know the fulfillment of Christ's purpose in you? Stop focusing on what you get. Focus on what you bring to build up others, especially in your family and church.  Cure dissatisfaction with your life, with your church, with your job, with your spouse by putting away childish, self-focused, gimme-gimme-gimme orientation. It's about what you bring and it's reflected in everything you do.

At church it's about everything you do. Your maturity is reflected in your giving - do you tithe? In worship - do you sing, clap, raise your hands?  In your fellowship - are you there for others? In your service - are you just coming or serving? In your attendance - are you there because others need you? In your witness - do you share the Gospel?  It's even reflected in the covered dish fellowships. Do you bring something, or just eat what others have brought? 

The wonderful thing is this. If you come to life with a servant's heart, asking the question, "What can I bring to this?" you will rarely be hungry, thirsty, or dissatisfied.

What do you bring?